How to Fix Lexmark Printer not printing Any Document Issues?

Printers are widely used for office as well as personal use and Lexmark gives the right and reasonable printers. The reason for being it famous in the entire world is the technology which it uses in its printer. Despite this, due to certain technical defaults, its users face a problem which makes the users too problematic as well as annoys them. So many technical defaults can come before you and printer are not printing any documents is the one that users face that a lot. In this case, you should contact the technical experts at Lexmark Printer Help Number UK to get the right solution to the issues.  Here, in this blog, some basic troubleshooting steps are mentioned that will help you fix the problem.
There are too many forms of the printer not printing any doc such as paper is jammed, blank paper is coming out from the printer and more. For this kind of trouble, you should take the steps that can troubleshoot the issue.

1.    Click on the Start menu and select Control Panel.
2.    Under the Control Panel section, you have to type Computer Management and double-click the coming icon.
3.    Click on Service Heading, and then choose Print Spooler. It will ask you for Lexmark printer spooler service select this and restart the printer.
4.    Now, you have to remove all the cables and power connection. In case, the paper is caught by the printer, then you have to remove that carefully and wait for 5 – 10 minutes. After that, you have to again reconnect the printer. This will fix the trouble.
If you find that problem is still persists, then you should immediately contact the technicians at Lexmark Printer Support Number UK to get the right solution. They have the right skills and experience in this arena, as well as help you fixing the issue with giving simple to follow assistance through a phone call that is time saving.


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